Milonga El Abrazo de Gainesville, Feb 8, 2014 Special Guest DJ: Andrea Pham

Last month: What a fabulous night of great music from Guest DJ Dubravko Kakarigi. And we danced hard all night with a pretty full floor all the way to the end of the night. Yay!

This month: our Special Guest DJ is the fabulous DJ and teacher, Andrea Pham from Gainesville, FL. Andrea got seriously into Argentine Tango in 2001 during a trip to Buenos Aires where she has returned many times since then. She travels frequently to Europe (Paris, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin, Nijmegen) and as far south as New Zealand to dance. She teaches at her own tango academy here in Gainesville, Tango Papirusa and has taught and DJ’d in the US, Canada, Vietnam and the Netherlands.

Most of the good dancers on the floor here at Milonga El Abrazo de Gainesville have studied with Andrea in her studio, Tango Papirusa.

Be sure to experience the Tango, “Andrea style” and hear her exquisite taste in music that will inspire you to dance passionately all night long.

Don’t miss it!

Cost: $10.00, BYO DRINKS, WATER and LOTS of SNACKS for 4 HOURS of hard dancing all night. No breaks or announcements, just continuous passionate dancing.

Non-dancers welcome to come and watch for free.

Held regularly on the second Saturday of each month since September 14, 2013 at “The Movement Zumba Studio” 1212 N. Main St., Gainesville, Florida 32601. (On the West side of the street in the Gainesville Shopping Center three stores south of the Publix Supermarket. Easy parking near the front door. Security Guard on duty until midnight.)

Organizers Steve Littler and Sarah Bollinger.


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